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Sunday, February 28, 2010

You just can't escape hockey.

It was a recipe for excitement! Canada vs. USA, rival teams with history that goes a long way back, Canadians playing on home soil, gold medal on the line, and ending up in overtime; I could feel my heart skipping beats.

For those who were not lucky enough to attend the game, there was much to do, with two LiveCity sites, Robson Square, local pubs and restaurants. But us Canadians, we'll do anything to have a view of the game. The Students Live crew were so desperate that we ended up watching the Game from Sony in Pacific Centre. It sounds kind of hilarious, but in the end it was fabulous, and we will all remember where we were on this defining moment in Canadian history.

I thought it was hilarious how every person who walked by this Sony was chuckling and then whipping out their cameras. This was a fairly small store, but not small in spirit, there must have been at least 200 people in the store. One of the employees there said she doesn't think they have this many people come into the store in the average week. Now this just proves that Canada will do anything for their hockey!

And out on the streets after the game, oh my gosh. It was a gong show, and the most proud moment of my life. Everyone was waving their flags as high as they could, except for the few Americans I saw who were taking the walk of shame. And everyone was belting out O'Canada, it was a feeling I will never forget. I will say, Canada does not have the most talented singers, but we make up for it in our hockey talent.

These past few weeks have been the best of my life, and I am not just saying that. Truly I will cherish these memories close to my heart. And what a day it was for every Canadian! I don't think words can describe the pride we have for our country, and the love for our National hero 'Sid the Kid'. We could not have asked for a better ending to these fabulous Olympic Games, a sweep of the hockey medals, Canadian women and men bringing home the gold.

Gold medal count: now at 14, the most golds ever won in a single Olympic Games by any country. Now if that title doesn't give you shivers, I don't know what would.

This was the bus team USA drove off on; notice the name of it.


  1. Friends were up at 4am Dalian, China time to watch the game, and I was getting text updates from them... Your post, more than any other that I read about the Olympics, made me really feel like I missed out being away for the Olympics.

    It is indeed a proud day to be Canadian, and I thank you for sending a bit of the spirit to the other side of the globe! :-)

  2. What a truly incredible day - for Students Live and for all Canadians.

    Next up...Paralympic Games!