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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The People not the Place

Vancouver; known for it's lush forests, vast mountain range, our friends the black bears, the beautiful coastline, and now for the 2010 Winter Games.

Tourist who were here for the Games and even the local Vancouverites said that they love this city. They say that it is the only place in the world where you can see forest, ocean, wildlife, mountains and sky rises in the same snapshot. It is just like we say "The Best Place on Earth".

But I think the thing that is loved the most about Vancouver is not only the scenery, but also the people. The citizens of Vancouver are some of the most interesting there is, we are so diverse in culture, race and religion. We are accepting of others and open minded to differences.

Some tourists from London were saying that when you walk down the streets in Vancouver everyone smiles and says "hello", and that is something you don't often see in London. They said it made them feel really great; tiny gestures like that go a long way.

Here are some examples of the interesting people you find in Vancouver.

Some Canadians showing their love for every stranger.

A new charity campaign.

A guy with his goat.

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