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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Governator Carrying the Torch?

We are heading into the last few days of the torch relay, and some of the final torch bearers have been named. Included in this list are names such as
Rick Hansen
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Richard Brodeur, Canadian hockey player
Julie Peyette, Canadian astronaut
Micheal Buble, singer/songwriter
Walter Gretzky
Rolly Fox, father of Terry Fox
Bob Lenarduzzi, professional soccer player

I think this is a nice, versatile list of people that are carrying the torch in the last few days of the relay. But Arnold Schwarzenegger? That one caught my eye. I don't exactly consider the "Governator" to be a role model. I guess he's changed since his steroids phase, but he's not even Canadian either. I just find it a little ironic how the Olympic and Paralympic Games are trying so hard to be "dope-free" yet we have a torchbearer who has taken so many steroids. I think this is kind of going against the Olympic morals. This is not saying that Arnold is a terrible person, but it's just strange to me, and he's not even Canadian!


  1. Lisa, Couldn't agree more with your opinions on Arnie. Despite his political position now, which I believe is his primary reason for carrying torch, there is no way with his past history as an 'athlete' that he should carry the torch. Under IOC/WADA rules, a multiple time drug offender would be banned from life from participating in Olympic/Paralympic events. We have enough Canadian athletes/role models/politicians to do the job.

    It is also interesting to note that Sir Sebastian Coe (1980 & 1984 Summer Olympian) is on the list to carry the torch on Friday. Also a British politician, his athletic accomplishments are certainly worthy, but I imagine he is there due to his role as head of the London 2012 organising committee. The final days of the torch relay highlight the kind of political decisions that take place in staging the Olympics. Rewards like carrying the torch are thank you's for other deeds.

  2. I think Arnold is carrying the torch due to the political relationships between BC and California. Although I personally think a Canadian should run with the torch I also believe that it wasn't a bad choice either. Other than that this is a really interesting and entertaining post.

  3. I agree that Arnold is a strange choice. But if they're looking to attract a crowd, he is certainly a good to way to do so.