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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Party Don't Stop

Day 17 of 18 in these Olympic Games have began, and I know that I am dreading tomorrow, I know that the Closing Ceremonies will be a hard thing to watch. These few weeks have been the best time of my life, filled with so much sport, culture, athletes, concerts and overall fun. It will be hard to see this great event come to an end, and knowing that the Olympic Games will most likely not be back to Vancouver, in my lifetime anyways.

But no need to worry, after tomorrow, we will have a one week break, and then the next chapter of the Games begin; the Paralympic Games. These begin on March 12th, and continue on until the 22nd. A lot of people forget about them, or just decide to leave them out, but they are so worth your time. Tickets are fairly cheep, and the sport is just so amazing!

So as sad as I will be tomorrow night, people don't seem to have to same feeling. Last night as I was walking down the streets of downtown, I was asking people what their feelings were about the Olympic Games coming to an end, and everyone seemed to be saying that the party will continue after the Olympic Games come to an end. The theme seemed to be that everyone was happy we got to experience the biggest worldwide event in our very own city, that we got to be a part of history and will remember this for the rest of our lives. We will be able to share our experiences with our children, and grandchildren, and for that, why should we be somber, we should be celebrating until the end, and even beyond! People were saying that before the Games, they hardly ever ventured downtown, but now they say they'll be down there all the time, it is such a fun place to be.

I loved the atmosphere down there last night, everyone was in such high spirits, and it really warmed my heart. I think it also helped that Canada won 2 golds yesterday, and 4 medals in total, which means Canada is now third in the medal count, and leading in the number of gold medals!

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  1. Lisa, I feel absolutely the same way!
    It'll be a hard day for me tomorrow...I don't know how I'm gonna watch the closing ceremony tomorrow. It has been such an amazing experience and it's so hard to say goodbye..