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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medal Counts and Protesters

CANADA HAS A GOLD ON HOME SOIL! Thanks to the French Canadian mogul freestyle skiier, Alexandre Bilodeau. He will go down in history!
Keep an eye on this medal count as Canada brings home the hardware!

On a different note:
A few nights ago I was walking downtown, and I saw all the broken windows at the Olympic Superstore. There were glass guys there fixing up the mess that the protesters had left. As well there were a ton of people with signs saying things such as "Being a vandal is NOT a political statement." People have been quite upset about these actions, and so they should be. It is just so rude and disrespectful, and not to mention ILLEGAL. Many protesters have been arrested for these actions. To me it makes no sense that these people are complaining about the Winter Games because they are costing the tax payers so much money. Well newsflash, smashing windows is not going to cause tax payers to pay any less.

I can understand that some of these people have good reasons for not supporting the Games, but don't try to ruin them! So many people are coming to Vancouver for these Games, and so many people have been waiting anxiously for their arrival. It's too late to stop them, and you're never going to ruin them, so just make the best of this exciting times.

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  1. I hear you! Like, I understand if you want to protest, but do it peacefully and respectively. Don't be donkies!