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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holding onto Pride

Last night was Canada's first hockey game of this tournament! And I had the pleasure of attending this women's Canada vs. Slovakia game. It was so exciting to be in Hockey Canada Place, the atmosphere was amazing, and the crowds were a sea of red and white. We knew going into this game who was going to be the stronger team, but we were still in high spirits cheering for our country.

In the first 2 minutes it was already 1-0, and then 2-0 about a minute later. This is pretty much how the whole game played out. I think Canada came out really strong as they didn't want to get underestimate their opposition. After the first period it was 7-0, and Canada was still coming at them strong. The crowd was still on their feet after every goal, and no matter how high the score got Canada were still waving their flags, and ringing their cow bells.

I think about half way into the second period Canada started laying off a little. Not that they just gave up because of overconfidence, but for the respect of the Slovakian team. As a spectator it was really fun to watch the amazing passing and puck control of the Canadian team.

By the end of the game, the score was 18-0, which is a new record for the most goals scored in a single game by a woman's Olympic hockey team. The next few weeks are looking good for this hockey team.

When the score was getting really high, I was feeling a little bad for the Slovakian team, and I think they were getting a little discouraged. But it was so nice to see after the handshake they were all in smiles, and they saluted the crowd. In all, they may not have been the strongest hockey team but they had great sportsmanship which is what the Olympics are all about.


  1. great post! I was watching it on the TV, but I bet the energy in the stadium was crazy! :D

  2. I watched part of the Canada-Slovakia game last night, but only six minutes of it. It was obvious Canada was going to win in a rout. I can't believe Canada scored 18 goals though! 18-0 is a ridiculous score for a hockey game. The commentators mentioned Slovakia once won a game 82-0 against Bulgaria. That's flat out insane!