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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada may not be leading the medal count, but we are creating legacies!

The Canadian Olympic Committee has announced that they are giving up on owning the podium, which is what they had said at the beginning of the Games. I do not agree with this attitude.
I do agree with the fact that we will not win the most medals, but guess what... for our population we are owning the United States in the medal count!

Canada is creating so many legacies in these games;

Alexandre Bilodeau- first Canadian to win an Olympic gold in Canada

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir- first Canadians, (and North Americans for that matter) to win a gold medal in pairs ice dancing, and youngest ever pair to win a gold medal in ice dancing

Ashleigh McIvor- first ever gold medal for womens ski cross

Brian McKeever- first athlete to compete in both the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Joannie Rochette- had the bravest skate of all time

So there you go, in my mind it isn't how many medals received it's about the stories and people behind them. Canada will go down in history in these Games. People are not going to remember the number of medals won, but the amazing legacies created. And so maybe we are 10 times smaller in population, but in my mind, and the minds of many other Canadians, we are the champions of these Games!

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