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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canada is Hockey Central

I love this country! It's hockey nation, and even if it isn't our country out on the ice, we still have high spirits and support for the players.

The other day I was at the Czech vs. Latvia game, it was obvious who was the better team, as 6 minutes into the game it was already 3-0 Czech. Now, there were a number of Czech fans in the crowd who were happy with that. And there were a number of Latvians who were not too happy(but not surprised either). Then there were people like me, who didn't really care who won the game. Pretty much I would cheer for whoever scored, just so I could get up an scream.

But what I thought was the nicest thing was how when Latvia was down by quite a few, the whole stadium was cheering them on. Giving them some energy, and by the end of the game, I could tell they could feel the support because they were on fire near the end of the game.

I just loved how Canada is such a spirited country, and no matter who's playing, there is always plenty of energy and excitement in the crowd.

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