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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Games Creating Opportunities

Many of the Cultural Olympiad events are seen as extra entertainment for the Olympic Games; meaning that most people don't come to town for the Cultural events but more for the sporting events. However after people are in town, they would be happy to see the concerts and Cultural Olympiad. They want to see what else the the Winter Games have to offer besides the sports, and also experience different cultures from around the world.

If it were not for the Games, I probably would never have got to see Hey Rosetta!; an Indie Rock band from St.Johns, Newfoundland. It was an amazing concert, STARS and Hey Rosetta! were two amazing bands with loads of energy, and amazing talent. After the concert Tim Baker, lead singer of Hey Rosetta! took some time out of his night to speak to us Students Live reporters about what it's like to be a part of this worldwide event.

It was so cool to go backstage and see what the musicians do after they perform. Everyone was so chill and down to earth, I felt like they were just normal people who were hanging out in a basement. But truthfully, this wasn't any ordinary basement, it was the basement of the Orpheum, one of the most beautiful buildings there is.

I thought it was kind of funny how Tim was drinking tea after his concert. I guess it might be soothing for the throat, but all the other band members were drinking their beer, and then there's Tim Baker with his tea.

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