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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ticket-Holders Dissapointment

I had tickets for today's snowboard cross on Cypress Mountain, but by the looks of things, I won't be going. And neither will anyone with General Admission tickets. These cancellations are due to poor weather conditions which are causing safety hazards. I know this is very disappointing for anyone with tickets. I am upset too, but there's no use blaming VANOC or causing a huge fuss, because there is absolutely nothing they can do to control the weather. Anyone with General Admission tickets will be receiving a refund; but what if that was someones only event, that would be tragic! Or what if someone has traveled a long ways to see this one event, and they are no longer able to attend. I know this is going to cause a lot of complaints, but really it is no one's fault, except for maybe every human being on the face of this earth for causing global warming.

I find it quite funny though how they are having these huge snowstorms in the Eastern United States, and here when we need it, we have NONE. We could use some snow on Cypress for some of the ski and snowboard events, but Whistler is in perfect shape. And in a way, I think the weather worked out just right. Could you imagine what a mess it would be downtown if there was snow and ice everywhere? There would be so many car crashed, people would not go out as much, and we would need so many snow shovelers just to clear a small path on the sidewalks. Although the snow conditions aren't ideal, I honestly think hauling snow in to Cypress Mountain is a lot better than having the whole city covered in snow.

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