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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a small world.

People say that the Olympic Games bring people together, allow you to meet new people and create great memories. This is no white lie.

The other day I was sitting on the sea bus next to an Olympic Volunteer, and across from him was another blue jacket sitting volunteer too. They got talking asking each other where they were volunteering and what their duties were. One was working in Canada Hockey Place, and the other at the Coliseum. As the conversation went on they figured out that they both grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. Then they figured out that they attended the same high school; only 2 grades apart!

One of them now lives in Kelowna, BC and the other is in the Toronto area. They were both so shocked that they went to the same high school which was a fairly small school of only about 700 students. But to top it all off, right before the sea bus was pulling into the station they realized that they even played on the same high school basketball team. What are the chances?

It just goes to show that the Olympics really do bring people together, and even reunite long-lost friends.(And it's amazing what you can learn from a little eavesdropping!)

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