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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tight Security

Yesterday a press announcement was made. VANOC has said that you should arrive at your Olympic Venue 2-3 hours before the start of the event (2 hours for city venues, and 3 hours for mountain venues). They are estimating that it will take this long just to get into the venues. I think it is great that they are putting so much effort into making these Games as safe as possible, but 2-3 hours seems quite ridiculous. What happens if you've already bought your transportation ticket and it doesn't allow 2 to 3 hours before the event. I don't disagree with the security, but should they not have announced this a little earlier?

Spectators will be asked to walk through a magnetometer and all belongings will be subject to x-ray screening. They said that you should not bring anything into the venues that you would not be allowed to bring on an airplane including food and drinks, even water. I'm was a little curious why the Olympic Games have to have so much more security than a NHL game for instance. I found the answer from the inspector of security coordinator for the Vancouver 2010 Security Unit. He said "this level of security is not something Canadians are accustomed to for a sporting event, but it's become standard practice based on past Olympic games and international competitions." It is estimated that the screening process will take up to a minute. Spectators can speed up the process by emptying their pockets, and are also advised to bring no bag, or as little as possible anyway.

About 5,200 RCMP officers, 4,500 members of the Canadian Forces, 1,800 regional police officers, and 5,000 private security officials will be deployed for the Games.
So I'm sure we will be safe as can be at the Winter Games!

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