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Monday, January 18, 2010

Twenty Five..

Today is 25 days until the Winter Games. I don't think I've ever been more stoked about anything! Just 25 days, less than 600 hundred hours and under 36,000 minutes until the spotlight is on Vancouver. People from all over the world will be tuning into Vancouver. It is going to be one amazing event, I can not even wait!

Speaking of 25, has anyone else been collecting quarters? I must have looked at at least 3 RBC's around Vancouver, and every one was out of their coin collectors cards. But I was determined to find one, so next stop was Petro Canada who also have the cards. Luckily at our first Petro Canada stop they had some! My brother and I were so excited! We had already been collecting the coins, but now we actually have something to put them in. Every day when my parents get home from work we ask "Did you get any quarters today?" We are so into it, that sometimes we even get into fights over the coins; that's dedication (or just sibling rivalry). Anyways at the moment I have 8 out of the 17 coins. Apparently the two loonies are a rare item, so I'm hoping to get lucky and find them.
If you are interested in collecting coins of your own, you can get the Collectors Card from any RBC or Petro Canada, that is if they are not out. It is a really fun way to get excited about the Olympics!

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  1. I want to get one of those cards!! I want to start collecting too :)