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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In need of change..

Why is it that there's no womens ski jumping in the Olympic Games? And why is it that in women's hockey they are not allowed to hit? And the women have to wear full face masks when the men don't? None of this makes sence to me... Canada is supposed to be a country of equal rights. I understand that these rules are set by the IOC and Canada really has nothing to do with it, but shouldn't someone have said something about these rules a long time ago. The Olympic Games are the largest and most prestigious sporting event in the world, and you'd think that by now they would have equal rights for men and women. Thay should be setting an example for the world to follow, but I guess not.

Paralympic Athlete of the Day Paul Rosen is Canada's 49 year old Sledge Hockey Goalie. Rosen started playing hockey at a very young age, however after a serious injury playing the sport, Paul was unable to compete. He spent many years with infections and unbearable pain until his lower leg was finally amputated at age 39. During his recovery, Rosen took up sledge hockey, he showed a great deal of talent in the sport and made the National Team. He competed in the 2002 Winter Games and the 2006 Winter Games where their team took home the gold. Is that a success story or what?
In 2007 while at an autograph session with fans in Toronto, Paul's gold medal was stolen. During a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, commentator Don Cherry told the theif to drop the gold medal in a mailbox. The medal then turned up at a postal sorting station in Toronto and was returned to the goalie.

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  1. Nice post Lisa!
    I agree, some rules should be changed, but I think they are just trying to protect women when they say that hits aren't allowed in women's hockey.