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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bad Luck for Canadian Skiers

Another Canadian skier, Anna Goodman of Quebec has injured herself in Croatia on Sunday; she is suspected to have torn her ACL. That totals 6 injuries in 5 weeks for the Canadian Olympic ski team. All of these 6 injuries have been season-ending injuries, which means that all of their Olympic dreams have been wiped away. John Kucera of Calgary broke his leg at the World Cup Super G in Lake Louise. J.P. Roy and Frances Bourque of Quebec, Kelly VanderBeek of BC, and Larisa Yurkiw of Ontario have all torn their knees. What's with these poor skiers? It's just been a stretch of bad luck for the whole team. It seems like quite a coincidence that it's happening to all these skiers, but hardly any injuries in other sports. Maybe this is proving that skiing is a really dangerous sports, or maybe the athletes are just pushing themselves really hard. Whatever it is, it is bad news for Canada. However with all these injuries, my favourite Canadian skier is still in the running. Manuel Osborne-Paradis is a local to my town, and even attended my high school. He is doing very well right now on the World Cup circuit.(I really hope this doesn't jinx him, and land him in emergency with the rest of the Canadian ski team.) Anyways lets keep our fingers crossed that no one else ends up injured!

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