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Friday, January 8, 2010

Supporting our Athletes

The Metro Vancouver Newspaper recently did a study and found out that only 7 out of fifty people interviewed were able to name five Canadian Winter Olympic athletes. The most often named Winter Olympian was our Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo. It was concluded that most people can name hockey players because they are more exposed to hockey players from TV and nexspapers, but athletes in other sports have much less coverage in our media today. When I heard this, I thought it was shocking! That is only 14 percent of people that are able to name 5 Canadian Winter Olympic athletes. I'm wondering what the results would be like if that was done at my school, I'm thinking at least 40 percent could name 5 athletes, if not more. I guess what this study is showing is that Canadians need to get in the loop. Come on Canada the Games are going to be here in 35 days!

Athlete of the Day: The Winnipeg-native Cindy Klassen should be a name known by Canadians. She is a Canadian speed skater, and at the Turin 2006 Olympic Games, she won a total of 5 medals. Klassen was the first ever Canadian to win 5 medals in a single Olympic Games. And winning a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympic Games makes her the most decorated Olympian in history. Cindy is an amazing overall athlete; before taking up speed skating she competed for Canada in In-line Skating at the 1999 PanAm Games and prior to that she was a member of the Canadian Junior Women’s Hockey Team, and Cindy also competed for Canada as a member of the Women's Field Lacross Team at the 1994 Commonwealth Games. That is quite the diverse range of sports. Cindy is definitely going to be the one to beat at the Vancouver 2010 Games, and hopefully she will bring home another few medals for Canada! Just to add to her small collection of six.

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  1. I bet that if we surveyed the students, the number might be closer to the average. We should try that out this week!