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Friday, January 15, 2010

Anti- Doping

"Real sport is pure human energy.
Real sport is trust and respect for the system.
Real sport is respecting yourself and your fellow competitors.
Real sport is competition on a level playing field.”

This is one of VANOC’s motto's.

Keeping this in mind the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is introducing a new world class dope-testing. Olympic and Paralympic athletes in any sport can be expected to be chosen for doping control anytime and anywhere during both the in-competition and out-of-competition times. VANOC expects to take up to 425 tests during the Paralympic Games alone.

I feel that this is going to make a really good impact on the Olympic Games. Not only will this enforce that absolutely no performance enhancers will be permitted, but it will also help to inform kids that drugs aren't the way to go to become a professional athlete. Children and teens all over the world are going to be watching these games, and it is important that they know, that real athletes don't use drugs. The athletes are role models to so many young people out there, and whatever they are doing, people will follow. So that is why I think Vancouver's dope-testing will be a positive influence on the Games as a whole.

Olympic Athlete of the Day: Leader of the Canadian biathlon squad and two-time Olympian Robin Clegg. The 33 year old from Ottawa is currently in his seventh season with the national team. Clegg has continued to dominate on the World Cup circuit. Clegg will be joined on the men's team by Jean-Philippe LeGuellec, who is making his debut on the senior squad and David Leoni of Camrose, Alberta, who made his Olympic debut in 2006. The Olympic Games are not new to Clegg, but competing here at home should be a great experience for him!

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