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Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it really the end for Vancouver Games?

Opening with the athletes marching through Whistler village, the Paralympic Closing Ceremonies were held at a different venue than the 3 previous ceremonies. These Ceremonies incorporated a lot of First Nations culture including Aboriginal drumming, dancing, their traditional hunting methods being used as a trampoline for a paraplegic and throat singing, which I found to be rather bizarre. Also included in these ceremonies was a bunch of Sochi 2014 showcases. My favourite part was all the Canadian children passing the torch along to the Russian kids, it was a memorable moment that represents the youth, who are the future of our world. I learned that the Russian national anthem is a very long song, but the young children sang it beautifully. I became rather emotional at the moment when the Mayor of Whistler, along with Greggor Robertson and Sir Phillip Craven hand over the Paralympic flag. That's when it hit me that the games are officially over. As sad as I was to watch the Games leave the hands of VANOC and all Canadians, I realized how lucky I was to be a part of the most exciting event Vancouver has ever hosted. So many memories have been created and will last a lifetime, and I am so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way. Sir Phillip Craven said in his speech- "The best Paralympic Winter Games ever!" and I agree 100% and am so proud and honored to be a Vancouverite and Canadian.

Just as the 2010 Games are ending and I thought I'd learned everything there is to know, I discovered a whole new world. And this is no small discovery, it's a whole new set of Games related with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Have you heard of the Deaflympics? Olympic Games for the deaf. I hadn't heard about it until today and was quite surprised to find it out. They're much smaller on the scale compared to the Olympic Games, and even the Paralympic Games but none the less they are an international sporting event. Vancouver and Whistler are set to host the 2015 Deaflympics, so if you were thinking Vancouver is done hosting Games, then you are wrong. I'm sure I will be checking them out, to answer the many wonders I have on this new discovery. It would be interesting to see how the audience would cheer on a team or an athlete when they can not hear the encouragement. I also wonder how much being deaf would affect your athletic ability because I'm sure it would be a challenge, but not quite like missing a limb or being blind. However along with being deaf usually means you are mute as well so that could affect the communication between athletes and coached. I guess I will need to watch them to answer my own questions. I'm thinking Students Live's next project?

As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are coming to a close, we can look forward to the 2015 Deaflympics right here in the same host city!


  1. No way! I think Students Live should start preparing how we'll report on the Deaflympics!

  2. CANADA... check out this Canadian facebook group that has set out to start a national holiday to celebrate our athletes!! We would love to have ALL Canadians join this petition!!