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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canada Hockey Place- GM Place

There was no sea of red tonight and no "GO CANADA GO" inside of that arena. Now it is GM Place, but Canada Hockey Place used to be the name. It is amazing how the atmosphere can change so much while still watching the same sport in the same arena. I think the hugest difference is that we're no longer watching international hockey, and the patriotism has faded. I noticed there are far less children watching and far less foreigners. You would not believe how sad I was to see that Whale at centre ice rather than the Inukshuk, or the stairs being grey rather than that green and blue pattern. Now, walking downtown afterwards is a whole other story, I feel like I'm in a ghost town, but lets not get started on that. As weird as it may sound, I miss people asking for directions to the seabus or the skytrain, and I miss looking down any given street and seeing hundreds of flags flying above the crowds.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Vancouver Canucks, and they played an amazing game tonight. But I will definitely miss Olympic hockey, the excitement and atmosphere inside that ice rink- whatever you want to name it. From now on, in my heart it will always be "Canada Hockey Place".

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