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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season's First Ski

Tonight I did up my ski boots, lathered on the layers and headed up the mountain for the first time this season. I was so excited to hit the slopes, I'm pretty sure I felt like I was an Olympic athlete getting prepared for a race. I was not at all disappointed when we reached the start of the run, and there were no fans or announcers. I was just so ready for that first run of the season. I know I am no Olympic athlete, but I do share the same passion for the sport of skiing. As soon as my skis took off down the hill I got that rush of adrenaline, that feeling of absolute excitement. I'm always excited for the season's first ski, but I think this year a little more than others. This is because I know that the start of the ski season means winter; winter means the new year is just ahead; the new year means 2010; and 2010 means the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games!

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