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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Canucks bring out the spirit

It was a father and his son singing last night. First it was Star Spangled Banner, in silence, then it was O'Canada, with the whole stadium singing along, and a massive crowd roar at the end. At that moment I felt like a true Canadian. We were sitting three rows up, watching the most Canadian sport there is. It was a battle of the countries, Anehiem and Vancouver. The crowd was getting into it, and having a blast. But the thing that stood out for me, was Roberto Luongo making an amazing save, and the whole arena chanting "LOUUU". Right then I thought to myself, I am so proud to be a Vancouverite! Our very own goalie could be representing our country for Canada's favourite sport, and in his team's hometown too. I can tell this formula is going to make for a very exiting hockey portion of the Olympic Games. Go Canada Go!

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