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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Official Commemorative Book

Only a few days ago, I received an email from my good buddy John Furlong. His note was informing me (along with a few of our other friends) that this week VANOC released the Vancouver 2010 souvenir book called:

"With Glowing Hearts: The Official Commemorative Book of the XXI Olympic Winter Games and the X Paralympic Winter Games/Des plus brillants exploits: Le livre commmoratif officiel des XXIes Jeux olympiques dhiver et des Xes Jeux paralympiques dhiver"

In less than a week it is said to already be a Canadian Bestseller. VANOC says it has already received 14,000 orders and is expecting to clear out its first 17,500 prints.

This is a 400 page book of the Games' greatest pictures, quotes and memories; perhaps Sidney Crosby's golden goal might be mentioned?

Here's a note from the publisher: In 2010, Vancouver and Whistler will host 17 days of Olympic Winter Games competition (February 12-28) and 10 days of Paralympic Winter Games competition (March 12-21). With Glowing Hearts will be the single most powerful visual representation of those 27 days of sport - an exclusive publication capturing the true spirit of the Games, as told through breathtaking photographic images and captions that bring the reader right back to the "field of play" and all the Games action. The book will showcase the raw emotion and pure excitement of the Games - a volume to be treasured by all Games enthusiasts wishing to savour the Vancouver 2010 experience long after the competition ends. The first time an official commemorative book of the Games sanctioned by the Organizing Committee has been widely available to the general public, With Glowing Hearts will truly be a Games keepsake.

I hear there's even a quote from my own buddy John; I'm heading to Chapters to pick up a copy. Or you can order online!

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  1. I love that you're keeping up the blog! Keep tweeting updates, I will keep reading!